Two hour ballerina party at TA-DAH! includes..

decorated dance room, dance warm-up, personalized dance routine, music games, dance games, time for cake & present opening, and a dance goodie bag for each child!

All taught by a certified dance instructor and assisted by Dance Company members.

Up to 10 Children:  $225
with cake package:  $275

Up to 15 Children:  $275*
with cake package:  $325*
*$10 per child over

Sheet cake with ballerina or other dancer, candles, hoodsie ice cream cup, fruit punch & dance party paper goods!


We have themes, or you give us a suggestion.  We are happy to try to accommodate the birthday child's wishes.

Choose from :

Diva Dance



Angelina Ballerina


Equestria Girls

& More!

girl scout dance badge

TA-DAH! Studio offers a fun workshop perfect for any local troop hoping to meet all the requirements for their dance badge!

Our 60 minute workshop includes :

A glance into different styles of dance: The troop will learn steps from three different genres of dance.

Confidence Building: The girls will be performing different styles and steps in small groups to encourage self-confidence.

Creativity and Team Building: The troop will be guided through the process of choreography and will add their own steps to their own routine!