Classes are held weekly in one of our five state of the art studios  
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Classes start on September 10, but registrations are accepted at any time up until January.
Register your student via the online registration, mail payments to the studio.  All checks should include students' name and class time.

There is a registration fee of $20.00 for all students, payable at the time of registration.

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  Come find out our philosophy on teaching, dance, and how we approach it!

Tuition for the thirty-four week dance session is billed in 17-week intervals- September and January.

Movement & Motion (ages 2 1/2 to 3 1/2)              
Beginner dance classes for very young children.  Music, coordination and gross motor skills are the foundations laid in this program. Designed to develop a child's  natural movements and encourage creativity in the very young dancer. Students must be 2 1/2 by September and out of diapers.
30 minutes weekly.

PRESCHOOL (ages 3 1/2 to 4 1/2) 
An introduction to dance.   This beginner dance class provides training in rhythm, creative dance, disciplined group activity, and basic elementary ballet movement.  In this fun atmosphere, coordination, balance,  and self esteem are developed.
45 minutes weekly.
KINDERDANCE I (ages 4-5) 
This program introduces the young dancer to the foundations of ballet and tap. The student learns the fundamentals through ballet dance lessons and enhances their musicality through tap. All approached through rhythm, rhyme, and imaginative dance activities.
1 hour weekly.

KINDERDANCE II & III (ages 5-6) 
Intermediate level Kinderdance work. Designed for the kindergartner who has completed
pre-school and Kinderdance I program. More advanced ballet and tap techniques are introduced.     Classes accommodate public school time changes in January (for those students who need to.)            1 hour weekly.
BALLET DANCE LESSONS:  Basis for all dance forms. Ballet helps build through its discipline, a graceful body with good posture and poise. Each class promotes correct body placement, strength and basic vocabulary. These techniques are studied through barre, center and combinations. The advanced ballet students will continue their study with pointe work.
TAP: Rhythm, balance, and timing are developed. The student learns a define awareness of movement and sound. The student's ability to count and understand music is promoted here. Precision, quickness, and various styles are explored.
JAZZ: This fun form of dance is a great outlet for self-expression and style. In Jazz, students will experience the many forms this style has to offer. Technique, isolation, leaps, turns and combinations are explored.
LYRICAL:  Explore freedom of expression in this sub-form of dance, combining the technique of ballet with fluidity of movement.  Students focus on strength and flexibility and use the tools they've learned to express feeling and emotion in dance, while demonstrating grace and poise.  

CONTEMPORARY:Contemporary dance draws on modern dance techniques  as well as newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance techniques by altogether omitting structured form and movement.
HIP-HOP:  This fun and upbeat style of dance focuses on coordination and strength.  Hip-Hop is most commonly seen in music videos, and students will learn the newest styles, along with performance skills, energy, and stamina.
: Learn Broadway style dance routines and combinations, while building performance skills, facial expressions, and knowledge of the history of dance.

STUDIO BLU: - - These classes are for both the experienced dancer and for those boys who have never set foot in a dance studio. The practice develops skill sets important in various sports such as basketball and hockey, and also is helpful for those interested in other performing arts such as theatre.  A mixture of hip hop, intro to parkour tumbling, Stomp tap dance and “4dudes" a class for the younger set. 
ADULT CLASSES: Classes offered in jazz and tap and Zumba.  Ages 18 plus welcome.,whether you're looking to brush up on your dance technique, looking for a fun way to exercise, or just a night out with your friends!

TITANIUM DANCERS- Performance Group.  Love to perform but not interested in competing?  Join our Titanium Group of performers.  Ages 7 and up.

For the student who loves the challenge of performance, perfection and team work. Dedicated students only. Full attendance is a must.  Our Dance Companies are comprised of dancers ages 5-18 and train many hours per week in Ballet, Modern, Contemporary, Jazz, Lyrical, Tap, Acrobatics and Hip Hop. Company membership is a wonderful opportunity to develop dance skills and build self esteem, poise and confidence. Our Petite, Junior, Teen and Senior compete in 3 regional and 1 national competition per season. 

TA-DAH! Teams compete in four age divisions:  8 and under, 9-11, 12-14, 15-18

TA-DAH! Studio offers one of the finest dance programs for the competitive dancer in New England. We are pleased to offer you over twenty-five years of competitive dance experience and dance excellence. We have been teaching and training dancers since 1985, and we are well known and respected by many dance professionals. Our Dance Companies curriculum is for the motivated dancer age 6-18 who is looking for top notch training as well as more performance and competition experiences than is offered to the recreational dancer. Many of our former dancers have gone on to study dance at the college level and have enjoyed professional careers in dance. Our company dancers are from Westford, Ayer, Chelmsford, Tyngsborough, Littleton, Groton, Acton, and Carlisle.

 Auditions are required.     

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