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​Baby Ballet 

Ages 1.5-2

Our baby ballerinas begin to learn about dance while developing fine and gross motor skills, as well as cultivate rhythmic awareness through movement. We'll stretch their imagination as well as their toes by bringing stories to life with ballet movement and play.  Dress code includes ballet slippers and whatever your child is comfortable wearing.

30 minutes weekly, runs in 6-week sessions throughout the dance year.

This program offers a recital performance option for the final spring session.



Ages 2.5-3.5

An introduction to dance. This beginner dance class provides training in rhythm, creative dance, disciplined group activity and basic elementary ballet movement. In this fun atmosphere, coordination, balance, and self esteem are developed.

Lots of imaginative prop play!

45 minutes weekly.

Preschool classes perform two routines in our annual spring recital.



 Ages 4-5

see age appropriate class below

This program introduces the young dancer to the foundations of ballet, tap and for second-year Kinder students, elementary jazz technique. The student learns the fundamentals through ballet dance lessons and enhances their musicality through tap. All approached through rhythm, rhyme & imaginative dance activities!


Kinderdance 1

(Age 4, Pre-Kindergarten Students)

1 hour weekly.

Kinderdance 1 classes perform two routines (one Ballet, one Tap) in our annual spring recital. 


Kinder II Combo

(Age 5, Kindergarten Students)

75 minutes weekly.

Kinder II Combo classes perform three routines (one Ballet, one Tap, one Jazz) in our annual spring recital.


 Adult Programs

Ages 18+

Have you ever seen Bill “Bojangles” Robinson tap dancing with the adorable Shirley Temple in The Little Colonel? Or any of Fred Astaire’s dances with Eleanor Powell or Ginger Rogers? How ’bout Gene Kelly in Singing in the Rain or Gregory Hines on stage? Tap dancing is a beautiful art form, but it is also a great form of exercise. And it’s never too late to learn!

We also offer Adult Jazz and Adult Ballet classes.

Take a look at our Adult class options this season!



Dance Styles

We offer the following styles of dance for various levels and age groups. Check out our schedule to find the right class for your dancer!

BALLET: Foundation for many dance forms. Ballet helps build a graceful body with good posture and poise through its discipline. Each class promotes correct body placement, strength and basic vocabulary. These techniques are studied through barre, center and combinations. The advanced ballet students may continue their study with pointe work. Ages 6+.

TAP: Rhythm, balance and timing are developed. The student learns a define awareness of movement and sound. The student's ability to count and understand music is promoted here. Precision, quickness, and various styles are explored. Ages 6+.

JAZZ: This fun form of dance is a great outlet for self-expression and style. In Jazz class, students will experience the many forms this style has to offer. Technique, isolation, leaps, turns and combinations are explored. Ages 6+.

LYRICAL: Explore freedom of expression in this sub-form of dance, combining the technique of ballet with fluidity of movement. Students focus on strength and flexibility and use the tools they've learned to express feeling and emotion in dance, while demonstrating grace and poise. Ages 9+.

CONTEMPORARY: Contemporary dance draws on modern dance techniques as well as newer philosophies of movement that depart from classical dance techniques by altogether omitting structured form and movement. Ages 13+.

HIP-HOP: This fun and upbeat style of dance focuses on coordination and strength. Hip-Hop is most commonly seen in music videos, and students will learn the newest styles, along with performance skills, energy, and stamina. Ages 6+.

MUSICAL THEATER DANCE: Learn Broadway style dance routines and combinations, while building performance skills, facial expressions, and knowledge of the history of dance. Ages 9+.

ACRO/STRENGTH & FLEXIBILITY: This fun style combines classic dance technique with precision acrobatic elements, basic tumbling and partner work. It is defined by its athletic character and its unique choreography, which seamlessly blends dance and acrobatics. Students will develop core strength, body control and flexibility. Ages 6+.

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