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TA-DAH! Teaching Assistant Program

Teaching assistants (TAs) are a huge part of our dance programs for younger students. TAs help with the flow of the dance class, assist students when needed and support the instructor as requested. 

We are so excited that there has been so much interest in assisting our younger classes, and we are even more thrilled to offer you this volunteer program!

Dancers interested in being a TA must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Teaching assistants (TAs) must be at least 12 years old.
  • TAs must take an age-appropriate Ballet class and at least one additional class.
  • TAs must wear proper dance attire to all classes. This means a leotard and tights or fitted athletic tops and shorts/leggings, as well as the appropriate shoes for your class (ballet shoes for ballet, tap shoes for tap, etc.). No street clothes, sweatshirts/sweatpants, etc. Hair must be pulled up off of your face for all classes.
  • TAs must have reliable transportation to and from the studio on their assigned class day.
  • TAs must have the maturity and disposition to deal with children in a busy dance class.
  • TAs must have reached an acceptable level of efficiency in their own dance training and must continue to demonstrate focus and hard work in their own classes.
  • TAs must use their voice when appropriate in the classroom. When you see behavior that is inappropriate or has been previously addressed by the instructor, speak up!
  • Being an assistant in the past does not guarantee that you will automatically be an assistant again. TAs must work to their fullest potential and show growth and maturity (in both the younger classes and their own classes) to continue as a teaching assistant.
  • All TAs must attend the Teaching Assistant Training orientation in August/September, date/time TBD. 
  • Dancers interested in being a teaching assistant for the 2023-2024 dance year will receive a full list of responsibilities and expectations at the Teaching Assistant Training orientation. After class assignments are distributed, all TAs and their parents must sign and return a contract acknowledging your commitment to this program for the 2023-2024 dance year. 
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