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Team Sign-Ups close on Friday June 14, 2024.

Please contact the office with questions!


Join our team & build your danc​er’s self-esteem! Teamwork cultivates so many important values, such as empathy and encouragement, and our team dancers will develop valuable leadership and social skills, a strong work ethic and life-long friendships! The TA-DAH! Dance Team is also an exciting opportunity for dancers who love to perform - we attend 3 local dance competitions each spring, so our dancers can shine onstage more than once a year.

Team Levels & Class Requirements

Mini/Petite Team (Ages 5-8) -

This team is for our youngest performers. These dancers will perform one group routine at 3 local dance competitions.

One of the following options is required:

  • Kinder II Combo
  • Combo 1
  • Combo 2
*Class list does not include rehearsal time.


Junior Team (Ages 9-12) -

This mid-level team is open to younger dancers with performance team experience and older dancers who are new to the dance team. Routines are assigned based on age and level.

Dancers must take the following classes:

  • Ballet

  • Tap

  • Jazz

  • Acro

  • Junior Technique

*Class list does not include rehearsal time​


Teen Team (Ages 13+) -

This team represents the highest level of commitment for older, more experienced dancers who are dedicated to developing their dance training and performance skills. The Teen Team will perform 2+ group routines; all routines are based on age and level. 

Dancers must take the following classes:

  • Ballet
  • Lyrical
  • Jazz
  • Acro
  • Teen Technique

*Class list does not include rehearsal time

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